Wrigley Field

Growing up, Elizabeth spent many days enjoying Cubs games at Wrigley with family and friends. Now, whenever we are back in town, we make a point of attending a game whenever it's possible!

Chicago River Cruise

A Chicago River Cruise (and when possible, a River/Lake Cruise) is one of the best ways to see Chicago architecture. The history of Chicago is fascinating and the history of the Chicago River and the buildings that surround it is no less fascinating! Definitely a must do for any visitor to Chicago. Keep your eyes peeled for some of our favorite buildings: Tribune Tower, Wrigley Building, and new Apple Store!  If you're in town, join us on Friday afternoon for a cruise on the Chicago River!


For some delicious hot dogs or Italian beef, look no further than Portillo's. A Chicagoland favorite, it is one place we make sure to visit every time we fly back to Chicago!

Deep Dish Pizza from Giordano's or Lou Malnati's

We highly recommend experiencing Chicago Deep Dish while in town. Despite growing up and refusing to eat deep dish pizza, Elizabeth now adores it and we have it every time we return home. Pick from Elizabeth's favorite, Giordano's, or Jeff's favorite, Lou Malnati's.

Top Floors of the John Hancock Building

One of the best ways to see the City of Chicago is from the top floors of the Hancock Building.  The 94th, 95th and 96th floors offer stunning views of the lake and the buildings beyond. Pro tip: Head up to the Signature Lounge for Cocktails on the 96th floor!

103rd Floor of the Sears Tower - Skydeck

Take in the view high above Chicago at 1,353 feet in the air. The Sears Tower (now Willis Tower) offers the highest observation deck in the US. Come join us on Sunday afternoon to experience the incredible views!

Museum of Science and Industry

By far our favorite museum in the city - head over to the Museum Campus and explore the Museum of Science and Industry. From the incredible weather demonstrations at Science Storms to the Henry Crown Space Center, there is something for everyone!

The Bean at Millenium Park

Head on over to the Bean (aka Cloud Gate) at Millenium Park to get lost in the mesmerizing reflections of people and buildings on its surface. Definitely a must visit while in Chicago.

Skating Ribbon at Maggie Daley Park

Elizabeth absolutely loves the skating ribbon at Maggie Daley Park. Whenever we have time while in town during the winter, we make sure to stop by and enjoy the experience of skating on a meandering path with uphills and downhills! Definitely a must visit for the skating fans out there!

Stroll down Michigan Avenue

A classic Chicago activity, we love meandering down Michigan Avenue and taking in the sights and sounds of the city.

Chicago Architecture Center

Visit the Chicago Architecture Center (CAC) to learn more about the history of buildings in Chicago. While the museum within the CAC is quite small, it has wonderful rotating exhibits for visitors to enjoy!

The Art Institute - Modern Wing

If art is your thing, head over to The Art Institute for a good time. Our favorite part of The Art Institute is the Modern Wing - in our opinion, it's a must see!

Historical Timeline

The Rookery Building's construction was completed in 1888, standing at eleven stories it was one of the tallest buildings of the era. Read more about the timeline of events before, during, and after its original construction, Frank Lloyd Wright's 1905 renovation, and its more contemporary updates: www.therookerybuilding.com/the-attic-loft

The "Rookery" Name

It's unknown exactly how The Rookery Building got its name, but there are a few different prevailing theories.  Interestingly, according to historical records the name originated prior to The Rookery Building's construction in 1888. Read more at: www.therookerybuilding.com/the-country-annex

The Architects

From its inception, The Rookery Building has been designed and renovated by some of the most successful and well-known architects.  From Daniel Burnham to Frank Lloyd Wright, read more about the architects who left their mark on The Rookery Building at: www.therookerybuilding.com/the-woodhouse

Architectural Features

The Rookery Building includes several notable architectural features, from the Light Court to the Oriel Staircase and more.  Read about them and view the photo gallery at: www.therookerybuilding.com/architectural-features 

Specs and Details

For the finer technical details about The Rookery Building, read about the building's specifications here: www.therookerybuilding.com/specifications